Mobile Home Repairs

Mobile Home Repairs are what we do at Florida Anchor and Barrier and we’re going to tell you the problems we see most often and how most of them are avoidable. Many of the mobile home repairs we see have been done by the owner and they’re dangerous to the people living in the mobile home as well as mobile homes that are in close proximity.

The first problem is what we specialize in and that’s Installing new vapor barriers underneath your mobile home. This is often called a Damaged belly wrap because the bottom of mobile homes are protected by a layer of plastic, which can become damaged and torn over time. The vapor barrier is primarily for making sure insects and rodents can’t get into your home.

There are many things that can damage a vapor barrier under a mobile home, such as electrical or plumbing repairs or additions to the mobile home where the vapor barrier is torn or damaged and it is not repaired correctly.

This is when insects and varmints will find their way into your home not to mention that hot and cool air is constantly escaping and your losing a lot of money on your power bill every month.

If you have a damaged vapor barrier and damaged skirting around the perimeter of your mobile home, varmints will tear at the damaged vapor barrier and make a home for their self’s or use the material for an existing home somewhere else.

Florida Anchor and Barrier offers a Free inspection of your mobile homes vapor barrier and we’ll Identify any other problems we find while doing the inspection so you’ll know exactly what’s going on underneath your mobile home.

Another problem we see quite often is damaged skylights on mobile homes. The problem is usually with curb that is raised up around the skylight and damaged roofs where the flashing (thin metal) is damaged and allowing water to enter the mobile home. This may also require some minor roof repairs to fix, but Florida Anchor and Barrier are State Certified General Contractors and we’re licensed to do any repairs needed for your mobile home.

Mobile Home Electrical problems are right up at the top of the list and most often it’s because of a repair performed by a well meaning relative or friend but many of the electrical problems we see are quite simply, very dangerous.

Most of the time it’s an overloaded electrical panel or unprotected electrical wiring which is the cause of most mobile home fires.

Damaged or worn out mobile home roofs are at the top of the list as well. Florida Anchor and Barrier offers a Roof over for damaged mobile home roofs that will save you thousands of dollars. We’ll explain more about this fast an effective cure for damaged mobile home roofs in detail on our website. Asphalt shingle roofs over poorly vented attic spaces in mobile homes will age much faster due to the heat building up in the mobile home attic causing most of the damage we see on mobile home roofs.

Mobile Home Tie Downs is another specialty of Florida Anchor and Barrier and we do mobile home tie downs all over the State of Florida. Anytime a mobile home is not tied down properly it will move every time there is a wind storm and this leads to many other problems. If your mobile home pads are not properly anchored into the ground below the steel frame; soil movement under your mobile home will cause piers to lean and lose contact with the steel frame of your mobile home, which causes settlement and will allow the tie-down straps to come loose.

Mobile home windows and doors are a source of water leaks and this can and will lead to mold and mildew problems which is very bad for the health of anyone living in the mobile home. We see a lot of window and door openings with that have had no caulk around them for years and have gone un-noticed by homeowners who could not understand where all the mold and mildew came from.

Mobile home skirting is constantly being damaged for many reasons and is only effective when there are no openings anywhere in the skirting. This is usually a quick fix requiring the placement of existing blocks or aluminum skirting and will protect you mobile home from a huge number of problems and it will keep your insurance company happy as well.

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