Hurricane Anchors

Mobile home damage because of no Hurricane anchors.Hurricane anchor Installation or Inspection.  Has time eroded your Hurricane anchors? Hurricane anchors are the most important part your mobile home stabilization systems.

Florida Anchor & Barrier: offers retrofit services that bring your Mobile Home hurricane anchors up to code.

Hurricane anchors  for Mobile Homes…

…loosen up after years of battering, and rust weakens your supports leaving your home open to damage from winds and shifting soils over time.

Mobile Home Carports also need special strapping to prevent damage from wind.

Are your hurricane anchors up to code? We’ll find out, and protect your mobile / manufactured home by retro-fitting your stabilizers to meet current Florida standards for Manufactured and Mobile Homes.

    • We replace rusted anchors on your mobile home
    • We add anchors as needed to meet current codes for mobile homes.
    • We retro-fit existing anchors to current state standards for mobile homes.
    • We provide longitudinal stabilizing to protect against movement of your mobile home during high wind events.
    • We can provide carport strapping to protect your carport and adjacent home from damage as well.

Here is a Hurricane Anchor pictured below. We’ve provided plenty of detail to make it very understandable.


This Hurricane anchor pictured above is something every owner of a mobile home in Florida should be very familiar with. We’re going to explain how each part of the Hurricane anchor works and we’ll tell you what to look for, if you want to make sure:

A. That your mobile home has hurricane anchors

B. You have the right number of Hurricane Anchors

C. Your hurricane anchors are installed correctly

Hurricane Anchor Installation | Tampa and Clearwater

If you need Hurricane anchors Installed on Inspected call us at Florida Anchor and Barrier at one of our offices around the State of Florida. Florida Anchor and Barrier as the name employs is in the business of installing Hurricane anchors in Florida and we do more of them than all the other company’s combined!

So here’s what you need to know about the nuts and bolts of a hurricane anchoring system.

The anchors or the steel rods are several feet long and they are screwed into solid  ground and we only leave a few inches of the hurricane anchors above ground, because they do their work tightly screwed into solid ground.

We then securely fasten steel straps around the mobile homes frame and the steel straps are securely fastened to the hurricane anchors in the ground with adjustable steel case hardened bolts.

We always use at least 10 hurricane anchors in a small mobile home, but using as many as 25 hurricane anchors is not uncommon on a large mobile home.

Most mobile homes are set on concrete piers as well and we always make sure they are in good shape and there is the correct number of them. This will vary with the age and the design of the home.

Installers licensed by the Bureau of Mobile Home and Recreational Vehicle Construction are the only ones allowed to install and conduct safety inspections of mobile home  anchoring systems.

Here are some Things you can look for on your mobile home

The only way to make sure your hurricane anchors are in good shape is to expose them, so if yours are hidden decorative skirting or decorative aluminum mesh (which is easier to see without removing it), you’ll have to remove the decorative skirting or we’ll do it for you.

If your mobile home has stucco or concrete block, look for an access door, if there’s not an opening to access the area we’ll create one for you.


Rust and cracks in the metal straps are common problems

Look at the anchor straps and the anchors for rust and cracks where the straps are wound around the adjusting bolts.

Make sure the concrete piers, which hold the mobile home up, are stable, and the concrete or the blocks are not damaged.

Next make sure the hurricane anchor straps are tight, they need to be tight to keep the mobile home from moving and coming loose during periods of high winds.

This is a good start but we recommend that you call us at one of the Florida locations listed below and let us come out and give you a free inspection of your mobile homes hurricane anchors. Your life and your family’s life could depend on it!

Florida Anchor & Barrier has offices throughout central and southern Florida.

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