Hurricane Anchors / Installed and refitted

 Mobile Home Hurricane Anchors

Mobile home Tie Downs and hurricane anchorsHurricane Anchor Installation Years of winds and weather will loosen your Hurricane anchors. Florida Anchor and Barrier will give you a Free Inspection and written quote to bring your mobile home up to code, or just add more anchors / tie-downs for peace of min. Hurricane anchors are the most important part of your mobile homes stabilization system in Florida.

If your mobile home experienced high winds from Hurricane Ian; they’ll need to be re-inspected They’ve done their job and now it’s time to check them out, as they probably need to be refitted and tightened. 

Hurricane anchors are your first line of defense when it comes to making sure you home will remain stable and resist damage from winds and shifting soils over time.

Mobile Home Carports need special strapping to protect your home and prevent damage from wind.

Are your hurricane anchors up to code? We’ll inspect your mobile home, and make sure your manufactured home stabilizers meet current Florida standards for Mobile Homes if that’s what you desire.

    • Rusted and damaged Hurricane anchors on your mobile home must be replaced.
    • You must have the right number of anchors to meet current codes for mobile homes.
    • We’ll  retrofit existing anchors to current Florida state standards.
    • Provide longitudinal stabilizing systems to protect against movement during high wind events.
    • Install carport strapping to protect your carport and adjacent home from damage.
  • Florida Anchor and Barrier truck 4For Your Safety During Hurricanes:

    A. Make sure your mobile home has hurricane anchors

    B. You must have the right number of Hurricane Anchors

    C. Hurricane anchors must be installed correctly

    Here’s what you need to know about hurricane anchoring systems.

    • The anchors or the steel rods are up to 5 feet long and they are screwed into the ground. We only leave a few inches of the hurricane anchors above ground, because they must be tightly screwed into the ground.
    • We securely fasten steel straps around the mobile homes frame. The steel straps are securely fastened to the hurricane anchors in the ground with adjustable steel case hardened bolts.
    • We typically use at least 10 hurricane anchors on a smaller mobile home. We install as many as 40 hurricane anchors on a larger mobile home.
    • Only Installers licensed by the Florida Bureau of Mobile Home and Recreational Vehicle Construction, are allowed to install and conduct safety inspections of mobile home  anchoring systems.

    We’ll always include these Important repairs with your new vapor barrier Installation

We can inspect your anchor straps and anchors for rust and cracks where the straps are wound around the adjusting bolts.

Concrete piers which hold the mobile home up must be stable, and the concrete or the blocks must not be damaged.

Hurricane anchor straps must be tight; They keep the mobile home from moving and coming loose during periods of high winds.

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