Mobile Home Tie-Downs

Boost Your Mobile Home’s Stability and Protection with Premium Tie-Downs

mobile home tie downsDon’t leave your mobile home vulnerable to the damaging effects of high winds and storms. Our top-quality tie-downs provide essential stability and protection, ensuring your home remains safe and secure in any weather condition. Plus, they keep your mobile home level, offering peace of mind for you and your family.

Stability you can depend on during wind events and storms

Mobile homes are particularly susceptible to uplifting winds if they lack proper skirting around the perimeter. Our reliable tie-downs keep your home stable and firmly grounded, even in the face of powerful winds and storms. Say goodbye to worries about your mobile home being tossed around or damaged during extreme weather.

Specialized Tie-Downs designed for Florida’s unique conditions

In Florida, we understand the specific challenges that mobile homes face. That’s why our tie-downs are specially designed for the soil conditions in the region. Our experts utilize metal rods driven into the ground at strategic intervals around your home, ensuring a tight and secure fit. Auger anchors are the most commonly used tie-downs, suitable for both hard and soft soil.

Maximum strength and tension for ultimate security

Mobile Home tie Downs InstalledOur tie-downs are equipped with top-notch tension devices that are crucial for maintaining stability. These devices are connected to ground anchors, allowing for precise tension adjustment to keep your mobile home securely in place. We ensure that our tie-downs are strong enough to support the weight requirements of both the anchor and the tie-down itself. For added durability, tie-downs fastened with a turnbuckle must be at least ½ inch thick and made of galvanized steel.

Professional installation for peace of mind

When it comes to the safety of your mobile home, trust the experts at Florida Anchor and Barrier. We specialize in installing tie-downs correctly and according to code. If your anchors are damaged or you want to upgrade to meet current standards, our skilled team will ensure the correct number of tie-downs are installed, tailored to your area’s specific codes. Your mobile home’s stability is our top priority.

Comprehensive protection with Longitudinal Stabilizers

At Florida Anchor and Barrier, we go above and beyond to safeguard your mobile home. In addition to our premium tie-downs, we offer Longitudinal Stabilizers that provide enhanced protection. These stabilizers further strengthen your home, mitigating the risk of damage from wind and other external forces.

Florida Anchor and Barrier truck Secure your mobile home today!

Don’t wait for the next storm to put your mobile home at risk. Take action now and secure your investment with our superior tie-down solutions. Our experts will ensure your tie-downs are professionally tightened, offering maximum security during high winds and adverse weather conditions. For additional stability, we can even install new concrete piers, further bolstering the strength of your mobile home.

Give us a call today to schedule a consultation and protect your mobile home with our top-notch tie-down services. Your safety and peace of mind are worth it!

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