Mobile Home Tie-Downs

Mobile Home tie-downs help to stabilize and protect your mobile home during high winds and storms. They also stabilize your mobile home after it has been anchored down and helps to keep your mobile home level.  

Tie-downs keep your home stable during wind events and storms. Mobile homes are also vulnerable to uplifting winds if they don’t have skirting around the perimeter of the home.

Mobile home Tie-Downs used in Florida

mobile home tie downsFlorida mobile homes use metal rods driven into the ground around the home at specified distances to keep your home tightly in place. There are different kinds of ground anchors or tie-downs for Florida’s soil conditions. Auger anchors (as shown here on the right) are the most commonly used tie-down and are used in hard soil and soft soil.

Tension devices are used with mobile home tie-downs and they must be connected with a ground anchor that allows for the tension to be tightened. Tie-downs must be strong enough to support as much weight as the anchor and tie-down requires. If the mobile home tie-downs fastened to a ground anchor with a turnbuckle, it must be ½ inch or larger and made of galvanized steel.

Florida Anchor and Barrier can make sure your Mobile Home Tie-Downs are installed correctly 

  • Replace damaged mobile home anchors with new mobile home tie-downs
  • If you are required by insurance to bring your anchors up to code, or just prefer to bring the tie-downs up to code yourself, we can install the correct number of tie-downs are Installed to meet current codes in your area.Mobile home Tie Down Picture
  • We use Longitudinal Stabilizers to protect your mobile home.
  • New and existing tie-downs are tightened to secure your mobile home during high winds.
  • New concrete piers may be installed to help stabilize your mobile home

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