Sagging or Soft Mobile Home Floor Repairs

Sagging and soft mobile home floors are usually a result of water damage in mobile homes with particle board flooring that doesn’t hold up well when it gets wet.

Most mobile home floor damage is caused by water leaks from inside the mobile home, like water heater leaks, leaky toilets, dish washers and just plain old water spills.

Moisture Barriers help prevent moisture from affecting the mobile home floor boards, which would cause the floors to rot. Subfloors in mobile homes are susceptible to this rotting if the vapor barrier under your home is missing or torn. We’ll inspect your home’s vapor barrier to and make repairs to correct any issues. Moisture build-up in floors can also cause dangerous mold issues.

A properly sealed vapor barrier helps deter animals and other pests which are attracted to the wood in mobile homes floor boards. A vapor barrier will help prevent the wood in your mobile home floor from becoming exposed and moist.

Sagging or soft mobile home floors need to be replaced right away! 

Floor repairs in mobile homeBelow is an example of the subfloor under a sagging mobile home floors with extensive damage to the Vapor Barrier. The wood flooring and the insulation has eroded due to damage from the Vapor Barrier, which broke and allowed water to enter the mobile home, destroying the Insulation in the floor. This will also allow air conditioned and heated air to escape which will cause you to loose money every month on your power bill.

Below is a picture of the same mobile home floor that is ready to have new R-19 insulation installed. As seen in this picture, this gives your mobile home a structural flooring system. This will lower the power bills and not allow any varmints or Insects into the Mobile Home.

Particle board used for mobile home floors is like soggy cardboard when wet.

Installing new 3/4 plywood over repair of Sagging Mobile Home FloorsParticle board doesn’t repair well, so when you have sagging and soft floors in your mobile home we replace the old mobile home floor with a good grade of 3/4″ plywood.

Installation of 3/4″ Plywood floors will make your mobile home just like new, as it’s much sturdier than the old mobile home floor and will easily stand up to water leaks and anything else that spills on the new floor.

Many times mobile home owners will ask us to simply cut out soft spots in the mobile home floor and replace them with the new plywood instead of redoing the entire floor. This is not the way to go, because it takes as much time to explore the entire mobile home floor and find the soft spots. There will always be spaces that will not be easy to hide if you’re going to cover your mobile home floor with tile or linoleum.

Mold and Mildew under mobile home floors…

If there’s mold or mildew present, we’ll find it when we remove your damaged or sagging flooring. We’ll remove it before installing a new plywood subfloor in your mobile home. We can install new flooring in your home or we’ll coordinate with your flooring contractor to make sure it’s done fast! 

We will move your furniture out of the rooms we’re going to be working in. If we’re doing the entire mobile home floor we’ll move the furniture from room to room carefully. Florida Anchor and barrier can also install laminate flooring over the subfloor in your mobile home.

Installing Mobile Home Flooring is a Specialty at Florida Anchor and Barrier

mobile home flooring samples If you need soft or sagging floors replaced we can install flooring in your mobile home and we have many examples of vinyl, tile, and wood flooring to show you. Our sales team will meet with you and show you great samples that will make your home look like new again! 

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