Mobile Home Vapor Barrier

Replacement or repair of your mobile home vapor barrier or Underbelly should be at the top of your list if you live in Florida. Damaged or torn vapor barriers and underbelly’s allow moist and humid air into your home through the floor. You should also know that damaged and torn vapor barriers alone cause more damage to mobile homes in Florida than all other mobile home problems combined!

mobile home vapor barrier inspection being done

Don’t let this easily corrected problem ruin your health and your mobile home. Yes we said your health, here’s why. Moisture entering your home through holes in vapor barriers, causes wet insulation in your mobile homes floor and moisture in flooring and walls. A damaged Underbelly is one of the leading causes of dangerous mold and mildew in your mobile home and allows rats and other pest of all kinds to get into your home through damaged areas in your mobile home underbelly!

Mobile Home Vapor Barrier Inspections are free so Contact Us anytime and we’ll come out and Inspect your home and consult with you on your options and give you piece of mind and it’s Free!

Florida Anchor & Barrier LLC The Most Extensive Mobile Home Vapor Barrier Inspection In Florida.

Problems caused by damaged mobile home vapor barriers… Save money with a Free Inspection!

  • Soft and sagging Floors from moisture entering the floor from below
  • Mold and Mildew throughout your home from moisture entering your torn vapor barriers
  • Laminate, tile, carpet and wood floors ruined from moisture
  • High A/C and heating bills from lost air through damaged vapor barriers
  • Varmints (rats) and pest (roaches, fleas) will infest your home
  • Wet smelly insulation in the floors of your mobile home

Florida Anchor & Barrier can perform all repairs needed for your vapor barrier…

Hole in mobile home vapor barrierA Mobile home Vapor barrier is not just replaced: when a vapor barrier has been damaged or torn for any length of time, you’ll get pest living in the spaces under your mobile home. We’ll also be checking for soft wood floors, mold and mildew, as well as damaged air conditioning ducts under your home. We can repair soft floors and water damage while we’re replacing your damaged vapor barrier. 

If mold and mildew is a problem we’ll recommend you to a Mold Remediation Company in your area. Mold is serious business and will make you sick if left unchecked. 

A mobile home vapor barrier should keep your home dry and not allow air to enter or leave. If the floor becomes wet you’ll need composite flooring installed on top of the floor joist to install tile, carpet, or linoleum flooring.



We’ll make sure your vapor barrier and the interior of your home is in is in good shape!

  • If a new floor is installed Insect and rodent fogging is very important. Installing new vapor barrier under mobile home
  • Make sure pest are not entering your mobile home through the floor.
  • Replace damaged and wet insulation with R-19 Insulation if needed.
  • Install threaded vapor barrier tab – nailed to floor joists
  • Foam insulation around pipes and fittings to retain warm and cool air.
  • Check outward clinch fasteners around I-beams in your floor
  • We’ll check for Re-strap duct fittings to protect ducts 
  • Install duct lift blocks if needed
  • Re-tighten anchor ties if possible
  • Re-level mobile home Floor
  • Optional before and after photos supplied with (customer supplied camera)

Florida Anchor and Barrier truck 4Mobile home vapor barriers will ensure your family’s safety and protect you and your home from the elements, as well as living in a structurally sound mobile home that will retain its value for years to come.

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